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Slieverue National School



Term 1 Year 19/20

Posted on 12 September, 2019 at 19:05

As we settle into the new school year, I would like to welcome back all of our pupils and staff from their summer holidays. In particular, I extend a special welcome to our 28 new Junior Infants: Harry Barden, Thomas Carroll, Adrian Cavnicky, Ryan Claridge, Darren Crowe, Phoebe Cummins, Sean Drohan-O’Brien, Laszlo Feher, Sarah Fitzgerald, Poppy Fitzpatrick, Katie Feicks, Kate Forristal, Eden Freeman, Fionn Haberlin, Millie Haberlin, Olivia Hayden, Matthew Hogan, Maisie Keane, Harriet Kearney, Kate Kirwan, Matthew Kirwan, Niall Kirwan, Finn Mannion, Aidan Mooney, Esme McEvoy, Aaron McDonald, Rian McGrath and Evie-Rae O’Halloran. Welcome also to Regnars Kocans in Senior Infants, Nathan Butler in 2nd class and to the families of all our new pupils. I hope that they and everybody else will be very happy here and that it will be a pleasant and fruitful year for all concerned.

Parents and Infants on Yard;

In order to comply with our school’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Garda Vetting regulations, parents should not enter the playground without permission.

In the morning time, Junior Infants and Senior Infants should wait at the front of the school, and any parents of those children who wish to wait should stay at the front of the school also. Children from 1st class to 6th class should enter the playground by passing the office prefab building. Parents should not pass this point without an appointment.

Should infant pupils arrive before the doors are unlocked they are asked to wait at the front of the school, until the doors are unlocked. The central yard/playground is used for soccer/play by older children.

Likewise, at break times, children who don’t play soccer should use the lower yard at break times.

Parents should not walk through the school yard at any time, unless permitted to do so.

We appreciate your cooperation in this regard, in the interest of the safety of all of our pupils.

School Times;

School starts at 9am each morning. An ideal time for pupils to arrive is just before 9am. Official supervision begins at 9am. Children should not be dropped at school if teachers arrive at work early, and certainly never before 8.45am. School closes at 2.40pm and children should be collected promptly at this time, and never after 2.50pm. This is essential under Health & Safety, Child Protection and insurance. Infants finish at 1.40pm. Please collect infants promptly at this time.

Electronic Roll;

Each minute a child is late for or absent from school will be recorded on our electronic roll system, and accumulated within. The roll is taken at 9.40 each morning. Children should arrive in school just before 9am each morning and any child who arrives after 9am will be marked ‘late’ rather than ‘present’ on the roll. All pupils should be at school every day except for when they are sick. With the winter season approaching, please do not send your child/children to school, if they are not 100% fit for learning. Please ensure that children have a supply of tissues and are aware of the importance of handwashing as good hygiene, and to help combat the spread of germs. We are obliged, at the request of the National Educational Welfare Board, to collect, in a note, not only the date of any absence, but also the reason.

Office Arrangements;

The secretary’s office will be attended on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week from 9am – 2pm. Where possible, any messages to be delivered to the children should be given during these hours. If you wish to speak with your child’s teacher, please ring during office hours to make an appointment. The teacher concerned will then return your call at their convenience to arrange an appointment. Likewise, should you wish to speak with me, I will be very happy to do so. Please also arrange an appointment by contacting the office during the above mentioned office hours.


Pupil Safety;

Please follow the rules of the road while dropping off and collecting children. Please observe all road markings and no parking areas.


In-Service Training;

We have just been notified that school is to be closed on Wednesday 11th December, as the staff will attend In-Service training in the new Primary Language Curriculum.


September Money Now Due;

Many thanks to parents who have already sent in or paid online the September book money. Receipts will be issued for cash in due course. This money is now due and payment can be made to class teachers or online through our school website. Please return the money in a sealed envelope with child’s/children’s names on the front of the envelope. The fee covers items such as school books, arts and crafts, photocopying, and 24 hour insurance. These details are on your child’s booklist.

Accurate Phone Numbers;

It is vital that, at all times, we have accurate and up to date phone numbers in case we need to contact parents for any reason. This is also important for sending text messages.


Teacher News;

I wish to extend congratulations to Mrs. Deevy on her retirement, and to thank her for all of her hard work and commitment to our school. We will all miss her excellent teaching skills and friendship with pupils and staff and we wish her a very happy, healthy and fruitful retirement. We are also delighted to welcome two new class teachers to our school – Ms. Deborah McGrath (2nd Class) and Ms. Yvonne Bolger (3rd Class).


Parents Association;

Slieverue NS Parents Association will hold its AGM on Tuesday 24th September at 8pm in the school. The aims of the P.A. are to organise social events, fundraising and give parents a channel for feedback to the school. The P.A. will hold 3-4 meetings per year and there is no commitment necessary; just come along when you can! It is a great way to keep parents informed and have a say in what goes on in school. All parents are welcome to attend the meeting on the 24th, especially new parents!


Birthday Invitations/Presents;

Children are very disappointed if they are not included when invitations, presents etc. are being circulated. For this reason we remind you that invitations, presentations etc. are not allowed in school.


Healthy Lunches;

In line with our Healthy Eating Policy, please encourage and remind children of the importance of eating healthy food, and bear this in mind when preparing lunches. Please remember to always supply healthy lunches; an appropriate amount that a child can finish. A small snack is sufficient for 11am break; something that a child can easily handle. A sandwich or a small piece of fruit is adequate. One small treat is allowed on Fridays, but never peanuts or crisps.


School Uniform;

It is lovely to see everyone back in pristine school uniforms. I hope to see all pupils follow the dress code throughout the school. Each pupil is expected to wear the school tracksuit on designated PE days. Full school uniform, including school tie, should be worn on all other days. Thank you for your co-operation in this regard and please continue to encourage children to wear our full school uniform. (Our new design school tracksuit looks really well on pupils. Old tracksuits can be worn and will be phased out in time). Please ensure all personal belongings are clearly labelled with names or initials.


Hospice Fundraising;

Ms. Guilly’s 6th class will organise a ‘Juice and Buns’ morning on Friday 27th September. Children may bring in €2/€3 each on the morning. All proceeds from this fundraising event will go to Waterford Hospice.


Confirmation and Communion;

Confirmation will take place on Friday 3rd April 2020 at 3pm.

On Thursday 19th September, a meeting for parents of pupils who wish to receive First Holy Communion will take place in the Parish Hall with Fr. O’Shea. Information regarding First Confession and First Holy Communion will be issued on the evening.


Old Tracksuits/Uniforms;

If you have any old/unwanted tracksuits or uniforms you may send them into the school. Pupils may drop them into the clothes bin in the main hallway. These will be forwarded to the Chernobyl Charity. Thanks to Mary Grant for this idea and her help in this regard.



Swimming lessons for 5th and 6th classes commence next Monday 16th September. A note has already been issued in this regard.


Finally, I would like to wish all parents and children an excellent school year. If I can be of any assistance during the year, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the office.

Looking forward to working with you in the best interests of your child/children,



Yours faithfully,

Kevin Kennedy,



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